Microorganisms are all around us and are essential for life

Mother Earth photograph

"Mother Earth"
Photo courtesy of Melissa Bruck

Microorganisms are necessary to keep us healthy and we have many different species of naturally occurring microorganisms inside our bodies, their purpose is to maintain our bodies health. Many health conscious people are aware of this and add probiotics to their diet to assist their bodies natural microorganisms.

Effective microorganisms (EM) is an organic liquid probiotic who's original purpose was to make soil productive naturally.  Effective microorganisms are specific naturally occurring food grade yeasts and bacteria that have not been genetically altered. By introducing effective microorganisms (EM) to the soil we assist "Mother Nature" to remain healthy allowing the soil to be productive. Over time effective microorganisms have the unique ability to suppress harmful soil borne bacteria ensuring that the soil can be productive naturally.

Effective microorganisms are sold as EM-1 Microbial Inoculant  and are totally natural, totally organic and totally harmless. Originally intended for agricultural use it has been discovered that effective microorganisms have many other uses and this is now known as EM Technology. The use of EM Technology has broadened in the last two decades from agriculture to water treatment, odour control, animal husbandry, waste management, human health and numerous other industrial treatments.

EM-1 has many uses domestically and can be used safely in the home, garden, stable, and ponds.

EM Sustainable Living has been in business offering EM Technology products and advice for several years and offers products using effective microorganisms that we ourselves use. Our clients cover many different aspects of the natural world, with the majority trying to maintain a natural organic way of working minimalising their use of manmade chemicals.

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