Activating EM-1 (EMA)

Preparation of EM-Active (EMA)

Grass textured pound signEffective Micro-organisms (EM) should be activated before using in the home or garden by adding water and Sugar Cane Molasses A+.

The primary reason to activate EM is economy, not efficiency. It is perfectly acceptable to use EM without activating it.

Adding a sugar source, such as our molasses, and culturing the microorganisms ensures that the microbes are active.

Having followed our instructions, the end result will be a full strength culture of EM that can then be diluted.

The following amounts make 1 Litre of EM Active:
50 ml EM + 50 ml Molasses + 900 ml Water = 1 litre EM-Active

Method of Activation

Take a 1-litre measure Half-fill the measure with lukewarm water Dissolve 50 ml of A+ in the measure, stirring well.

Stir in 50 ml of EM solution.

Top up to 1 litre with lukewarm water.

Transfer to a plastic bottle secure the lid and leave in a warm place for one week.



Practical Tips on EM

A good fermentation process leads to white yeast flakes on the surface of the EM-Active. These flakes are harmless and do not affect the product or its use.

EM-Active has a shelf life of 6-8 weeks. The sweet and sour smell is a good indicator that it is viable. If the EM has a rotten smell then it is no longer suitable for use.

EM preparations are best kept in plastic bottles or containers. Do not keep in glass or metal containers (because of the formation of gas)

It is important to use good quality water to make EM preparations. Rain water, spring water or filtered water is better than mains water that usually contains chlorine. The affectivity of EM is reduced by the presence of chlorine and other chemicals.

In the UK we have made many batches of EM using boiled water taken directly from the tap.

The bacteriological activity is reduced at temperatures lower than 6 °C, where the cold makes the micro-organisms go into a dormant state. They are reactivated again when the temperature increases.