Bokashi in bins

How to Bokashi Anaerobically

 Bokashi binBokashi composting allows you to turn all food scraps, including meat, fish, dairy, and vegetable into rich compost. ALL your solid food waste including cooked foods, meat, fish, bread and cheese can be turned into nutrient-rich compost that benefits your garden and disposes of food waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Its really simple just add your kitchen waste and a handful of bokashi bran to an  airtight bokashi bin and allow the special bran that is infused with friendly EM's, effective micro-organisms to work their magic. Just build the food waste up in layers and leave for at least two weeks after the bin is full. After two weeks the contents can be safely transferred to your compost bin, wormery or simply dug into the garden. It's that simple.

With Bokashi composting greenhouse gas emissions are almost non existent during the Bokashi compost fermentation process. Bokashi composting produces no foul smells and the end product is a highly nutritious valuable plant resource. A bonus is that there are no insect or rodent problems with bokashi composting. As the process is not exposed to the atmosphere, most of the nutrients and almost all of the water is retained.

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