Bokashi Bran

Bokashi branBokashi bran is a carbon based material that has been infused with beneficial microorganisms.

Bokashi bran can be stored in airtight containers and remains viable for two years or more when stored correctly.

Bokashi bran is not as expensive as some companies like to think. It is inexpensive to produce and the materials can be easily sourced.

Bokashi bran works by introducing EM into the material to be composted, and also provides food for the organisms to live and work.

Bokashi is simple and easy to carry out just add a handful of bokashi bran into the bokashi bins and then as waste food is added sprinkle bokashi bran onto the top of the layer of food waste and compress the mixture and replace the lid. The layers of food waste should be between three to five centimetres in depth. Compressing the waste helps to maintain the anaerobic conditions that the microbes need to do their work. The bran provides the necessary food required by the EM so every time waste food is added to the bin more bokashi bran is added, more microbes become active and they all continue to work and spread throughout the bucket. When the bucket is full (it takes an average family about two weeks to fill the bucket) just leave the bucket in a warm place (15°C minimum)for at least two weeks (a bit longer in winter) use a second bucket and continue the cycle. A fibrous white coloured growth may appear on top of the material. This is perfectly all right and shows that the effective microorganisms are working correctly. The only time to be concerned is if the mould is black or green. This is caused by a lack of bokashi being added to the material or the lid not being replaced, once this has set it may be best to discard the affected material.

Bokashi bran is an ideal soil conditioner and adding 50-100 grams per square metre helps to rejuvenate tired soils. As a soil conditioner bokashi bran provides a source of nourishment for the micro organisms that grow in the soil and provide microbial diversity for good bacteria. These “good bacteria” establish themselves on a permanent basis in the soil, multiply and then dominate the harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that are present. This means that plants receive more essential energy and have an increased resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi.

Bokashi bran is also an ideal food supplement for horses, farm animals, chickens, rabbits and all other poultry and helps to reduce smells from their waste. EM added to their drinking water keeps the water fresher and adds a natural probiotic to the animal's diet.

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