EM for Horses

EM the Horse Probiotic

The Probiotics provided by EM are totally organic good bacteria that are beneficial to the host. The traditional meaning of the word probiotic is applied to human and animal digestive microorganisms. 

Probiotics stimulate immunity, creating many more areas of potential benefit and not only have the effect to balance gut flora, but can also positively influence diseases which occur in tissues other than the intestinal tract.

Adding EM to drinking water will help to:

Improve digestion and the digestive tract

Stabilise the animal's digestive system, thereby reducing the risk of disease

Increase general health and wellbeing

Increase the availability of nutrients, thereby enhancing the immunity system

The addition of EM to the drinking water will also improve the animal’s coat

EM can be added to the drinking water of horses at the rate of 30ml per average sized bucket and this will benefit the digestion process by providing natural probiotics.

Horse in field


30ml-100ml of EMA daily depending on size

EM in the Stable

EM is extremely efficient at reducing strong odours in stables, benefits the quality of stable litter and the stable environment for the horses.

EM Activated (EMA) can also be used for disinfecting stables, brushes, blankets and other materials used in horse keeping. It is a non-aggressive product for humans, animals and equipment.

EMA is a mixture of 'beneficial' micro-organisms that is diluted with lukewarm water. The micro-organisms use the dirt as food in order to multiply themselves.

Treating stables and stable litter with EMA will:

Improve the quality of the stable litter

Higher quality stable litter reduces the risk of hoof ailments

Reduce the smell of unpleasant odours such as urine*

Provide a fresher smelling and healthier stable

Good EM bacteria multiplication helps to suppress harmful bacteria growth

Produces an almost odour-free byproduct when stable litter is added to the manure heap 

The manure heap byproduct is environmentally friendly and great for use around the garden

*The EM feeds on both the fresh and old urine, eliminating the smell of ammonia. 


Simply spray at least 100ml of EM Activated (EMA) per square metre over the stable litter once a week - it's as simple as that.  The difference will be noted shortly thereafter.

(Activated) EM-1

100ml of EMA per square meter once a week

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