EM in the Garden

Soil is a living environment that consists of many different types of microorganisms and like all living environments must be maintained to remain effective. The unique combination of beneficial microorganisms contained in EM has the ability over time to reduce any diseases and contamination that may be present in the soil.

EM helps to maintain an efficient productive microflora environment in which plants flourish and pathogenic bacteria and pests are removed from the habitat. EM can be used for sowing and growing vegetables, herbs, grasses and flowers without the use of artificial supplements or expensive chemical additives.  

EM works with all plants flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, trees, grasses etc. and does not need any special equipment to use. Simply dilute with water and apply with a watering can or hose end attachment.

EM is a microbial soil inoculant that is totally organic and safe to use

EM enhances the microbial balance of the soil or compost to positive benefit

EM improves the growing conditions

EM increases the capability of the plants to absorb the natural goodness and organic materials readily available in the soil or compost

EM enables the plant and the natural fungi contained in the soil to combine symbiotically to provide food for each other

EM enables the plant to grow stronger and be more resistant to disease

EM suppresses pathogenic bacteria

EM enhances the populations of beneficial bacteria

EM helps to provide food for beneficial soil creatures


EM can be used on either the soil of foliage of plants. There is no need to purchase special or expensive equipment to apply EM. EM solutions are diluted with water and then applied by watering can or hose end applicator.

Please view our application chart for garden or allotment use by clicking here.

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