EM Pond Maintenance

The care of ponds can be difficult, however EM has the ability to clean ponds and waters that are exposed to external contamination.

The entry of pollutants through rain water and the addition of oxygen-consuming substances are problems that need to be compensated by the eco system. The long-term effects of oxygen-consuming substances will be evident. With higher amounts of nutrients, a good growing medium for algae will be provided.

EM-1 will help to:

Clear Water
Stabilise pH values
Increase visibility
Prevent increase of pollutants
Provide abundant amounts of oxygen
Possess good self-cleaning properties
Provide healthy plant growth
Assist the health of fish and other water animals


EM Activated Works Best

On average, for a healthy pond or water garden, EM is applied once per month. We recommend the use of Activated EM. The rate of application is 1 part Activated EM for every 10,000 parts water. Higher concentrations of EM are not necessary under normal conditions.

Over time, the frequency of application can be decreased while maintaining the same ratio (applying every other month or 4 times per year).

Allow several weeks for the Activated EM to work. Some slime (muck) from the bottom will slowly rise to the surface. Leave it and let nature do its thing as it will disappear shortly.

Garden Pond

Activated EM-1

1 part EMA per 10,000 of water

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