EM·X Gold Human Probiotic

EM·X Gold is a unique Probiotic Extract Drink produced by a fermentation process using effective microorganisms,  water, sugar cane molasses, yeast extract, coral calcium (Sango coral) and magnesium sulphate (nigari). When fermentation is concluded, the metabolic products of the microbes are filtered off to leave a liquid which no longer contains any cells. It is so fine that it is absorbed by the mucous membranes before it even reaches the colon.

EM·X Gold contains highly bio-available EM derived low molecular weight metabolites. These metabolites include trace minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.

The ingredients of EM·X Gold are selected on their beneficial quality and their ability to maximize the power of EM.

EM·X Gold was designed specifically using ingredients and processes that optimize the ability for the benefits of Effective Microorganisms (EM) to develop your body's regenerative abilities.

The key benefits of EM·X Gold include:

Faster and more effective decontamination of the organs
General improvement of the body's acid/alkaline balance
General strengthening of the immune system
Reduction of the susceptibility of infection
Reduction of allergies

EM·X Gold is a 100% Natural Non-GMO Probioic Extract Drink produced using EM Technology.  

EM·X GOLD is calorie free and can be consumed safely by anyone, from children to seniors.  

The normal daily dosage of EM·X Gold is between 10ml to 30ml daily and it may be consumed straight, taken in water, in tea, in coffee, or even in your food.

Japanese medical practitioner Doctor Yoshimi Tanaka has given a series of lectures on his experiences treating patients with EM·X Gold and the article can be read here: Dr Yoshimi Tanaka.

Dr Tanaka recommends taking EM·X Gold in a warm drink as he believes the benefits of EM·X Gold are increased by a factor of 6.

EM·X Gold is produced in Okinawa and imported through EMRO Japan into the United Kingdom.

What are Antioxidants?

The term "antioxidants" refers to substances that prevent or slow down an oxidisation process.

Breathing is an example of an oxidisation process; the oxygen that is absorbed into the lungs spreads through every cell in the body. This ensures that food is processed and dissolved to supply energy. Hence oxidisation is a vital process in keeping human beings alive. However, this same oxidisation process has a totally negative effect if oxygen becomes overactive in the human body.

In activated form (in other words overactive), oxygen causes harmful processes. Our surroundings (our living environment) contain many harmful substances such as exhaust fumes, industrial emissions, agriculture and chemical substances used in food preparation etc. These substances are in most cases oxidized or cause oxidisation, in other words oxygen compounds. Generally speaking, oxygen is stable in its various compounds, but loses its stability in the human body and becomes highly active. If there is an excess of this highly-active form, it forms compounds with and destroys everything in its path.

The smallest unit of the human body is the cell. This is surrounded by a membrane that contains unsaturated fatty acids (comparable to our salad oil). The active (aggressive) oxygen oxidises unsaturated fatty acids, causing malfunctioning of the cell membrane with the resulting harmful effect on the human body. The actual oxidisation is the chemical process whereby a molecule gives off electrons and thus becomes unstable.

If there is too much active oxygen present, the unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane give off electrons and combine with the oxygen. But if there are antioxidants present, the cell membrane will give off the electrons of the activated oxygen onto the unsaturated fatty acids that are in the oxidisation process, thus stabilizing the situation.

No harmful oxidation will take place if there are sufficient antioxidants at hand. The antioxidants give off electrons to the activated oxygen and to other unstable molecules that have lost electrons to create a stable balance and a healthy body.

Woman drinking out of glass

EM·X Gold

10 - 30ml per day

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